Camden & Adri | Harmons Rooftop | Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer

Camden & Adri | Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photographer

A creative outlet:

Being a creative is not easy. I find myself constantly comparing my work to those around me, worrying about how often others are booking, or thinking about changing my style of photography because that’s what’s popular. After this shoot, I couldn’t wait to get home to edit the photos. I was able to work with an amazing Utah florist, Colette Barney of @lettieblossomdesigns! She made my vision come to life! This is exactly what I needed! I was able to get out, test different lighting situations and really feel good about the result.

The model couple:

Thank heavens for my handsome little brother, and this beautiful young woman, for being so willing to model for me. My original model couple fell through 2 hours before the shoot, it was a bit stressful, but we pulled it together. Camden and Adri couldn’t have been more perfect! They are not only gorgeous people, but they were more than willing to stand out in the cold and take any prompt that we suggested.

My Wedding Ring:

You want to know a little secret? If you scroll down to the detail shot of the wedding ring, you guessed it, that is my most valuable piece of jewelry. I am in love with my ring, and I can’t help but sneak a shot of it every chance that I get.

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