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Mantua Poppy Field mini sessions | Mantua Utah Family Photographer

Mantua Poppy Fields

Mantua, Utah Poppy Minis

I only do mini session 4 times a year, and this year I decided to do summer minis in the Mantua, Utah poppies. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint! I am blessed with such amazing clients. I love finding locations that have a unique aspect about them. Whether it’s poppies, wild flowers, blossoms, I try to make sure that I do a few sessions at each location to get my fix.

I think it would be a fun goal to have family photos taken during a different season each year. That way you get to try out all the color schemes. You may even find that some seasons are easier to work with than others.

Mini sessions are the perfect amount of time for both children, and husband. I work very fast and efficient. You receive 15+ edited photos in just 15 minutes. We even make sure to get each child individually, with mom, with dad, and my most favorite, mom and dad alone. It’s so important to photograph that two love birds that started it all. Children need to see their parents be in love. It creates a sense of comfort knowing that mom and dad care about each other.

TIP: Kiss in front of your children. It shouldn’t be something that is hidden. I love seeing the smile on my daughter face when my husband pulls me in for a kiss. Her first reaction is to giggle. I want her to see a good example of a strong marriage, because television doesn’t portray it that way most of the time.

Mantua Poppy Mini sessions| Mantua Utah Family Photographer

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