Jazmin Ferrante | Utah portrait photographer | Gypsy halloween costume

You know you are a creeper when you are walking by an alley, and you stop to ask if you can take pictures of a random individual. I couldn’t help it, because I was so intrigued with her attire. After finishing up a senior session, I was walking to my car and noticed a woman taking photos of a gorgeous girl with her i-phone. I couldn’t pass without snapping a few on my camera. I awkwardly asked if I could take a few and send them to her later. The sun had already set and the alley was dark.

Thank heavens for the low light capability of my camera, and the knowledge to know exactly what to adjust. After I had snapped a few, the lady with the phone, her mom, asked if she could pull her other daughter out of the car as well, so I could get a few of them together. I of course was not opposed in the slightest. Because I have been so busy this fall, I was unable to do a fun Halloween shoot, but thank to JazminĀ Ferrante and her sister, I slipped one in after all.

I gained a new friend, some amazing photos, and they will also be modeling for me in the future no doubt. I would call it a definite success.


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