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Picture yourself on a rainy day, cuddled up on the couch with your spouse. On the coffee table, there is a book compiled of wedding photos. As you pick up that book and flip through the pages, you have a big smile on your face. What are you feeling? What do you want to remember about that day?
Those TIMELESS, RICH IN COLOR, ROMANTIC images cannot be replaced! This day only happens ONCE, and you are worth every penny invested. 

Kendra Bird clients have kind hearts, they value marriage, genuine interaction, and irreplaceable moments. Also, if you love Disneyland, be prepared to be my best friend.   

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You are worth it!

Layton, Ut

Utah Photographer

I absolutely love being married! With a degree in Marriage and Family, I studied in depth the aspects that make a relationship the most valuable. I have a deeper meaning of the psychology behind the way you interact with one another and how you show your love. I use this to my advantage during our sessions together, I promise you’ll feel different about photos than you ever have before!

My entire experience is based around strengthening and impacting your marriage. I promise to be your biggest advocate! An excellent marriage begins by believing that you are excellent. My style is all about rich color, creamy skin tones, and genuine interaction. 

Why Choose Kendra Bird?

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Marriage Tips

Marriage Tip

Reminiscing keeps romance in your relationship. It’s healthy to talk about the time you first saw him and how you felt, or how nervous you were to kiss her. Go visit your first date location, and as silly as it sounds, talk through everything as if it’s just happening for the first time!

Kiss for at least 30 seconds a day! The release of oxytocin is particularly important in helping couples bond with a each other. Whether it’s been an incredible day together, or you’re at each other’s throats, DO NOT go to bed without kissing each other goodnight! 

If your spouse is working on something, make it a point to ask, “Can I help?” It may seem simple, but we often think our spouse knows exactly what we need. Believe it or not, they can’t read our minds. I promise, you can’t feel resentful towards a person that starts a conversation with those words!

It's okay to Reminisce

3 words to say everyday, and guess what...they’re not
“I love you”!

Kissing is key

Why choose Kendra Bird?

I value images that are rich in color, accentuate creamy skin tones, and prioritize genuine interaction. 

My editing style enhances what is already present. My job is to simply capture your beauty, not change the colors or "photoshop" something to look unnatural.

You are going to feel completely comfortable and confident in front of my camera. I have mastered a posing style that will leave you feeling extremely photogenic and genuinely more in love.

I am obsessed with skin tones that are creamy. I use my knowledge of light and angles to guarantee that you are glowing. 

There are so many stressful elements that go into the preparation of your session. Luckily, when you book with me, you don't have to worry about any of them. I will not only supply you with an in-depth guide of what looks best on camera, but you will also have access to our location guide with over 200+ locations to choose from. 

I am happy to throw out suggestions, but with photo examples, best time to start, and ideal time of year, you may not need much help. Whether you love mountains, or open spaces, we have options in every category. This is just one of the best parts about hiring me as your Utah photographer. Travel fees may apply.   

How do I go about choosing a location?

We have done all the hard work for you!

The worst part is finding outfits. DON'T STRESS. I will provide you with an in depth guide, going over everything from "What to wear" to "How to prepare your man" 

What am I suppose to wear?


Absolutely! 30% is due up front to secure your date, but the remaining amount can be broken into smaller increments, up until 3 weeks before our session together when the full payment is due.

Do you offer payment plans?


You will receive sneak peaks within 48 hours!
~2 weeks for portraits
~4 weeks for weddings

When will I get my photos baCk?


A minimum of 75+ an hour. I don't put a limit on the number of photos. If it is printable, you will see it in your online gallery. 

How many photos will I receive?


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