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Ut Wedding Venues

Calling all Brides!

Did you know that I have a list of places that I am DYING to photograph! If you are getting married at one of the places listed, you will receive 20% off wedding day coverage! I hope this doesn’t seem overwhelming. There are SO many places that I would love to shoot.

If you are getting married or having at reception at a gorgeous venue that you think needs to be on my list. Don’t hesitate to reach out! If i’ve never shot there before, and it contains all the magic. You better believe that you will receive 20% off as well!

Bucket List Utah Wedding Venue Locations:

La Caille Restaurant 

Walker Farms 

Deer Valley Resort

Cactus and Tropicals 

Jeremy Ranch Golf and Country Club

Gardner Village

River Bottoms Ranch

White Shanty Venue

What makes a good Ut wedding venue?

A gorgeous venue on the outside doesn’t mean that it will produce the gorgeous bright images that are displayed on social media. There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a venue. Is there a lot of natural light? Are their big windows, white walls, ceilings that would reflect artificial light well?

Big open spaces, with beautiful large windows are my absolute favorite places to shoot. Second, does your photographer know how to manipulate light? I have a light set up that makes me very comfortable shooting in any lighting situation. I know how to work with the cards I have been dealt. This is the result of a lot education, practice, and the right equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to show you a gallery that was taken indoors.

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Kendra Bird Photography | Utah Wedding Photographer

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