Utah Wedding Photographer | Shayli and Adam

Utah Wedding Photographer | Shayli and Adam

Their Story:

Shayli and Adam were in the same ward at BYU Idaho. Shay was the ward chorister and Adam gave a talk his second Sunday up at school. She immediately noticed his infectious smile, powerful testimony, and beautiful eyes. She describes it as “he is definitely easy on the eyes”. Adam couldn’t help but be attracted to every bit of her, especially her ideas about lifestyle roles and family goals. He fell in love with her family the first time he met them.

How he proposed:

Technically, he had Shayli set up her own proposal, without my knowing, of course. She thought she was arranging a double date with her best friend Breanna in Salt Lake City. Breanna ended up “running late that day”. They were to meet at the Christus in the  visitors’ center. Adam gave Shay the sweetest poem and got down on one knee. Breanna was there hiding and taking pictures of them. Shay had NO IDEA it was coming.

Anniversary Session:

I always enjoy when I get to have Adam and Shayli in front of my camera. It’s nice to have permanent models whenever I need. I never have to tell them how to pose because they are perfect in every way. The “fake” laughs become real ones, and the cuddles come naturally. Their anniversary session, which was only 10 minutes, exceeded all my expectations. It was held in a cute studio in Layton, Utah. I can’t wait for them to need photos again!

Client Review

“Every time we do a photo shoot with you, I really do feel our love deepen. We can completely be ourselves and you make it a point to capture the Candid moments (my favorite by the way!), along with the gorgeous photos I will cherish forever.”

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