Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer | Kendra Bird Photography

Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer

Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer | Kendra Bird Photography

How they met:

Payton and Destiny met through mutual friends in high school! When Destiny saw Payton in the hallway one day at school, she thought he had gorgeous eyes! When she finally met him in person, she was like “wowwww this is the kid with gorgeous eyes!”

Payton has always been drawn to Destiny’s positive attitude about life. He loved the fact that she pursued him, and made him feel loved. He knew that she was someone that would make him happy for eternity.

Proposal Story:

One weekend Payton and Destiny were visiting Rexburg, ID to help our sister move! I had convinced Destiny that I wanted to take some photos for my portfolio. Toward the end of our session, I had Payton stand behind Destiny, and I told him that whenever he was ready he could “sneak attack” her…this always produces my favorite facial expressions. When she noticed that Payton wasn’t attacking, she turned around and he was on one knee! We made sure that this happened in front of the Romance Theater on main street. It was so suiting because they absolutely love going to the movies!

Wedding Day:

August 23rd, 2018, was an absolutely beautiful day. It was a little warm, but the lighting was perfect! It was so great to not only be able to photograph their special day, but I was also in the wedding party! Payton is my little brother. It has been so exciting to have another sister! We love Destiny to death!

Payton and Destiny have been together for quite some time. We all knew that this day was coming; it couldn’t have been more perfect. From a gorgeous temple wedding, to a perfectly themed movie theater reception, every detail was accounted for. We are pretty sure my mom needs to open up a wedding decorating business!

Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer | Kendra Bird Photography


Client Review

“Having pictures of Payton and I is so important to me! I love to have current photos of us for our home, and I plan on continuing to have that forever! I’m so grateful for the talent Kendra has to capture the most important moments of my life!”

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