Utah Photographer | Jason and Malia

Utah Photographer | Jason and Malia

Jayson and Malia met while attending BYU in Provo. They were in the same LDS YSA ward for almost 2 years and didn’t really know each other very well. They were both dating other people, so they never crossed paths. However, they had many of the same mutual friends and enjoyed playing soccer. In March of 2018, their friends invited them to play soccer in a tunnel by the Marriott Center at BYU they called it “Tunnel Soccer”).

Malia started flirting with Jayson because she thought he was cute and she could also tell he was a good guy, but of course, he just thought she was being nice. After a few weeks, she invited him to a fireworks show. Jayson came, they flirted the entire time, he then invited Malia to start watching “This is Us” with him and about 2 days after the fireworks show, he kissed her, took her on a date (in that order) and the rest became history!

How he proposed

A month after we started dating, Jayson moved to Salt Lake. His mom came into town and took him couch shopping. She knew that we really liked each other, so she invited me to go couch shopping with them. The following week they decided it was time for Jayson to meet Malia’s family too. Malia’s family, after finding out she had been couch shopping with Jayson, decided to use couch shopping as a metaphor for dating and marriage (the entire night was filled with questions like, “How did you know it was the right time to buy a couch?” “How did you know you liked the couch?”).

Utah Photographer | Jason and Malia

After another month, Jayson decided to incorporate a couch into the proposal, he took Malia to dinner than asked her to show him the house with an airplane in the backyard. She took him to the road just to the side of the house, with the best view of the plane, but he wanted to go to the other side of the house, where the road happened to lead up the canyon.

She thought he was crazy because you couldn’t even see the airplane from that side of the house. They drove to the side of the house, he looked at it for 2 seconds and suddenly exclaimed, “Oh wow, there is a canyon, we should take a drive up it.” She tried to explain to him that this canyon wasn’t one that you could drive through, it stopped at a trail, but he insisted (at this point she sort of knew what was happening).

When they got to the trailhead, Jayson said “Lets walk along the trail for a little bit”. They started walking up and turned a corner to find he had dressed up a metal bench to look like a couch with the sign “Couch of Love” and another sign asking if I would marry him! After he proposed, two men on horses showed up and asked if they could take their picture (this was not planned by Jayson). One of them took the picture with Jayson’s phone and the other- a definite cowboy, who was on the older side- took the picture with his own phone. Now there is a picture on a random man’s phone of their engagement!

When I first met Jayson and Malia, I could instantly tell how kind hearted and genuine they were, not only to each other, but to everyone around them as well. They were so easy to work with! They are not only beautiful people, but their connection and chemistry was very prevalent. Whenever they talk about each other, they do so in the most uplifting and sincere way.

Utah Photographer | Jason and Malia

“Kendra is an amazing photographer! She did our engagements, bridals/formals, wedding and reception. Kendra does beautiful, clean, clear and bright photos. She made my husband and I feel comfortable and captured beautiful, flattering pictures of us and our family. Kendra is reasonably priced and worked with our budget. Her pictures are bright without overexposing, and she made our winter wedding look beautiful! She found the perfect places to take pictures around our engagement picture location, our wedding location and our reception location.”

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