Utah Wedding Photographer | Kendra Bird Photography

Utah Wedding Photographer | Kendra Bird Photography

Hey, it’s me, Kendra Bird! As a part of my goal for my business this year I want to create a connection with my followers, and in order to do that I feel like introducing myself is essential. I am from Layton, Utah, but I currently live in Holbrook, Idaho. I have two beautiful babies, and my husband is a farmer. My little family means the world to me! I don’t know what I would do without them. They truly are my biggest support.

1. I was a figure skater and gymnast growing up. I love being on ice, and beam was my best event!
2. I received my bachelors degree in Marriage and Family Studies from BYU-Idaho.
3. I am married to a farmer. We now live in a tiny town called Holbrook, Idaho.
4. I have a daughter (age 3) and a son (age 1), both their birthdays are in February.
5. I was a soloist on the Articles of Faith CD sold at Deseret Book, granted this was 13 years ago, but I still feel pretty cool!

Real Life:

When I was 17 years old, a senior in High School, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. An autoimmune disorder that attacks your thyroid. Because of a fast, irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness and tremors, I was put on bed rest. I could no longer be in the school play, be on the basketball team or attend school in general. As a Senior, who anticipated being at the “top of the school”, I quickly felt as though I was at the bottom. I didn’t want to finish senior year from my bed, but God had other plans, and that was okay!
I ached getting up in the morning, a simple walk up the stairs had me at a loss for breathe, and truly, I felt pretty lonely.

Now I know that there are people in the world with much more to worry about than this, but one thing you will never hear me say is “I know how you feel.” I never felt completely understood, because even if you are going through a similar situation, you never truly KNOW. But what I did know is that my family would be there no matter what, and because of my mom’s wise words, you will instead hear me say, “You CAN do hard things.”

I truly feel that because of what I have learned from this trial, that I relate better to people that are struggling. I sincerely realize that you never know what someone else is going through, and that sometimes that best advice, is no advice at all, but just a listening ear.

  1. Elsie says:

    I had a supernumerary tooth. Which means I had an extra tooth between my baby and permanent tooth that had to be taken out. My brother also had it too.

  2. Chelsie says:

    I just love you! And your family is the cutest! ❤️ Hmm, I don’t have a good relationship with the color purple because I always had to have it growing up since my older sister already had a dibs on pink! Ha ha

    • Kendra Bird says:

      I love you! Thank you! Haha okay this made me laugh out loud! My sister and I had the same kinda of relationship growing up! Unfortunately, she was younger so I always got dibs 😉

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