Shelby Murdoch | Rexburg Idaho Portrait Photographer

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Shelby Murdoch | Rexburg Idaho Portrait Photographer

Shelby Murdoch, my new best friend!

I got a message on Instagram from this gorgeous girl wanting to do a session in Stone, Idaho, where I live. Shelby is from Idaho falls, and was going to drive all the way to me (about 2 hours south)! I was ecstatic! She’s absolutely beautiful, and she is willing to travel just to get a Kendra Bird experience. I sent her the address, and expected to meet you around 7:30.

I got a call at about 7:00 pm from Shelby, she said that her GPS lead her to a CLOSED ROAD! She was only about 8 miles from where we I had planned to meet. I had no idea that her GPS would take her clear down to Rockland, where the road is closed for a year; the only way around it is on a dirt road that requires truck tires in order to make it before the sun went down.

I was determined to make this session happen, as she had just traveled 2 hours. My husband, myself, our 2 children, and our dog jumped in the truck and headed her direction. She willingly parked on the side of a dirt road and waited for us. We started taking photos on the dirt road in the photo below; we ended up with 4 different locations, rather than just 2.

Idaho is a gorgeous place, and I feel blessed to live here, and to have met such a wonderful woman like Shelby. Shelby is training to be a makeup artist, and will start taking client in August. You better believe that I will be referring my brides to her. Thanks Shelby, for a fun night and a great story to tell!

Shelby Murdoch | Rexburg Idaho Portrait Photographer

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