Schauerhamer’s | Mantua Poppies | Mantua Utah Photographer

Schauerhamer’s | Mantua Poppies | Mantua Utah Photographer

Mantua Wedding Photographer

Where do I even begin? I love these two to DEATH! I had such a blast watching them interact with each other. They had me laughing and smiling the entire time.

When I first start a session, I normally do the “posed” photos first, that way we can all warm up to each other, but when I got them into the first “pose” I instantly felt like we had known each other forever just by the first few words we exchanged. I forget to let them “warm up” and went right into the lovey prompts that I usually take about 10ish minutes to transition to.

During their session, I captured one of my FAVORITE photos to date, that being the cover of this blog. I love the movement, the different perspective, the colors, the emotion, the pure happiness. I have now made it an even bigger priority to really be creative and capture the REALNESS in a relationship. They celebrated 1 year of marriage at the end of June, and they have eternity to go!

How did they meet?

Gina saw him at stake conference. Afterwards, she told some of her friends that she thought he was cute and by the next day, 6 yes SIX people had told him “hey that Gina girl thinks your cute you should take her out on a date!” He was not apposed to that one bit.

How did Sam propose?

He told Gina he had to go down to Moab to do some deliveries for work and that she could go with him. The whole time she had NO IDEA. After making minor deliveries (like stuff you could have just sent in the mail) they hiked up to Wilson Arch and he dropped on one knee! Gina seriously had nooo idea because he told me that my ring was in back order because of an “ice storm” back east.

What’s one thing that drew you to your significant other?

“I was so attracted to how good he treated everyone around him. Respectful, genuine, patient and humorous.” -Gina

“I noticed how she could spend 5 minutes with anyone and they always come away loving her. She has a magnetic personality and you can’t help but love it.” -Sam

Go see their cute faces on my website! I just love them! They make the poppies look good 😉

Schauerhamer’s | Mantua Poppies | Mantua Utah Photographer

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